Lost in Music
Lost in Music

by Kim Moore & Nicholas Bone

A new piece of music-theatre for 12-18 year olds

Lost in Music is a new music-theatre piece for families and young audiences being created by composer Kim Moore and director/writer Nicholas Bone. It is being developed in collaboration with ImaginatePlatform and North Edinburgh Arts. Using the myth of Orpheus as its spine, it is built around interviews with young people about what music means to them.

Lost in Music explores the power of music and its connection to the individual. Music is an incredibly strong part of how we see ourselves and how we relate to the wider world; the music we discover in our adolescence often stays with us for the rest of our lives. From the age of 12 or so, we start to develop our own taste in music, forming strong attachments to certain styles or particular pieces which are often closely tied up with a burgeoning sense of individual identity. The text is being created using material drawn from interviews with young people about the importance of music in their lives. 


Lost in Music was given a work-in-progress showing at the Traverse Theatre as part of the 2017 Edinburgh International Children's Festival - photos of rehearsals by Mihaela Bodlovic.


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