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ROUGH MIX January 2022

ROUGH MIX January 2022

Magnetic North is delighted to announce the lead and collaborating artists for our next Rough Mix creative lab. Rough Mix brings together five lead artists, each with a new idea to develop, two collaborating artists, and an ensemble of six performers. Each lead artist spends time observing, assisting or collaborating on the other artists’ projects as well as working on their own project. Rough Mix 2022 is a partnership with Macrobert Arts Centre and will take place in person at Macrobert. Should this not be possible then the residency will move online.

The lead artists are Beth Dynowski, Kathy McKean, Priiya Prethora, Jennifer Paterson and Lewis Sherlock. The collaborating artists are Amy Conway and Ben Fletcher. Together they work across dance, physical theatre, aerial, music, writing, theatre, sculpture and performance.

Rough Mix ran from 17-28 January 2022. We're doing a watch party to share the new work created during the residency on Thursday 10 March 2022 from 6pm GMT (includes a Q&A). Register here.

Lead Artists

Beth Dynowski

Beth Dynowski is an artist and writer based in Glasgow. Her practice spans performance, poetry, sculpture and public projects. Beth’s work pays attention to the poetic and political potential of using materials and language to transform political, ethical, social and theological imaginaries. 

Beth says: 'Increasingly, I have been working in hybrid forms of poetry, performance and publishing to create works for performers that combine improvisation, rehearsed dialogue, song and performing with materials and objects. As part of Rough Mix, I would like to develop and test new ways of working in this way that will both inform upcoming projects and new work for late 2022 and 2023.'  

Kathy McKean

Kathy McKean is a playwright whose most recent work includes Getting Close, one of the National Theatre of Scotland’s ‘Scenes for Survival’, directed by Nicholas Bone. She is currently working on a play supported by a Professional Project award from the Playwrights’ Studio, Scotland based around the excavation of Inca sites in Ampato, Peru, in the 1990s.

Kathy says: 'Rough Mix will give me the opportunity to explore the aspects I have been researching in a practical way and to challenge my ideas through different eyes and lenses, thinking about the finds in the context of changing attitudes to western entitlement to (hi)story, to space, to bodies.'

Priiya Prethora

Priiya is a genderqueer theatre performer and movement practitioner from India with a keen interest in exploring chaos and disruption in society through dance, movement, rhythm and music.  They have trained in Indian classical, folk and martial art forms.  Priiya’s artistic practice is grounded in making and performing theatre with marginalised communities, using movement and performance to interrogate curiosities around identities and to speak up against systems of oppression.

Priiya says: 'I look for margins which widen with each delve, with more and more intersectional lines cutting through identities of embodiment. It's one of the many windows blown open by the winds of the struggles we embody. Rough Mix is a recurrence, a new ground to dig.'

Jennifer Paterson

Jennifer Paterson is an aerial and dance director and Artistic Director of All or Nothing Aerial Dance Theatre. She trained in contemporary dance before discovering aerial, overcoming her fear of heights and going on to perform worldwide with several companies and directors.  Jennifer directs the majority of All or Nothing’s work, creating for indoor and outdoor touring theatre, participatory performance, large-scale spectacle and dance for screen.

For Rough Mix, she is looking forward to exploring an idea that has been brewing in the back of her mind for years, as well as collaborating with artists from different artforms.

Lewis Sherlock

Lewis Sherlock makes physical performance in a multitude of contexts from short sharp cabaret pieces to durational outdoor performance for unsuspecting audiences. Since 2012 Lewis has specialised in cabaret, street theatre and outdoor performance.  

Lewis says: 'Both the space between us and 'playing the room' are long withstanding fascinations I have with liveness and our ability to communicate. I seek to explore the dynamics of power presented with a stage and an audience. Rough Mix will be a great jumping-off point, especially in how other art forms, performers and directions can influence the overall venture.'


Collaborating Artists

Ben Fletcher

Ben Fletcher is a Glasgow-based multi-instrumentalist musician, producer and sound artist. His music features electronic sound design with ambient, IDM, glitch and post-industrial influences. He creates audiovisual work, live performance and compositions for contemporary theatre and dance. He performs his solo work under the name ‘Lucian Fletcher’. Ben is kindly supported by Help Musicians. 

Ben says: 'As a collaborating artist, I am looking forward to contributing my composition and sound art skills to Rough Mix 2022.  I am excited by being in a space and trying to find emotive moments that could be punctuated by subtle or intense sound design.'

Amy Conway

Amy is a Playwright, Theatre Maker, Actor, Facilitator, Director and, most recently, Podcaster and Independent Civil Celebrant. Her immersive, autobiographical theatre shows have toured Scotland, the UK and beyond. She is an Associate Director for Loop Theatre, who make inclusive physical theatre performance with learning disabled artists. As a playwright, The Warhol Assassin was awarded Fire Exit’s Pyromania bursary for experimental playwriting and this year Mountain was longlisted for The Women’s Prize for Playwriting. 

She is delighted to be joining Rough Mix this year as a collaborating artist and looks forward to exploring multi-disciplinary approaches to performance making.


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