Rough Mix New Zealand
Rough Mix New Zealand

Auckland, June 2018

ROUGH MIX, Magnetic North's renowned multi-artform creative lab for early-stage ideas and practice development, took place outside Scotland for the first time in May and June 2018. Based at the Basement Theatre in Auckland, Rough Mix New Zealand ran from 28 May-8 June, ending with a public sharing of work.

Five experienced artists working in theatre, dance and the visual arts in New Zealand and Scotland, supported by a group of performers and two early-career artists, each worked on the early-stage development of new projects. They also spent time observing each other at work - a rare opportunity for experienced artists from different disciplines to interact in a practical, supportive and collaborative environment. The residency was led by Magnetic North's Artistic Director Nicholas Bone. 

Rough Mix New Zealand was part of the Scotland/New Zealand Playwright Exchange, and Scottish playwright Morna Young took part in Rough Mix New Zealand at the beginning of a three month residency to work on a new play called The Water Clan. 

The lead artists at Rough Mix NZ were:

They were joined by

  • Andrew Gunn (early career artist: theatre-maker)
  • Anya Tate Manning (performer)
  • Clare Marcie (performer)
  • Jag Popham (performer)
  • Ryan Dulieu (performer)
  • Rosie Tapsell (performer)
  • Tui Hofmann (performer)
  • Xavier Breed (early career artist: choreographer)

The residency was led by Nicholas Bone, with support from Nisha Madhan.

You can read more about Rough Mix here.


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